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Creating a respected and long-lasting company

We uphold the concept of driving with same dream, undertaking the world, pursuit of excellence and creating a brilliant future. The company will continue to bring into play the spirit of craftsmanship, improve the service system, build stronger core competitiveness, and work with the global automotive industry to achieve win-win development!

In the past years, our company follows the principle of sincerity, cooperation and win-win development, solid foundation, grows up steady and becomes a giant company from small to large. Nowadays, it has formed a modern enterprise with diversified development with R&D, production, service and sales as the main body.


The many years of development have been invaluable. In accordance with the policy of "standardized management", the company has closely grasped the development trend of the market, developed external cooperation, carried out business exchanges, continuously strengthened the enterprise reform, effectively strengthened the infrastructure construction, absorbed scientific and technological talents, and attached importance to cultivating the enterprise culture, and moved from the initial investment and solid foundation stage to the stage of growing scale and leapfrogging development, setting excellent sales team to go into the market and make it bigger further, thus moving towards the brilliant path of sustainable development.


We firmly believe in doing better tomorrow than today, all Tongxin people will make diligent efforts, implement unity and cooperation, uphold the concept of good faith management to move towards magnificently. In the development of insisting on one industry, diversified operation and standardized management, we focus on realistic, long-term planning and results-oriented strategy.


Looking back, it was not easy to come by. All results contribute to the efforts and sweat of all the staff of the company, care and love of friends from all walks of life! We are convinced that: success cannot be achieved without your understanding and support! In the new historical development opportunities, we hope to give valuable advice to us, so that we can work together for mutual benefit.


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