Human Resources
Human Resources

Talent Strategy


Tongxin transmission always takes talents as the foundation of enterprise development, the basis of competition and the source of development

We employ the right people for the right job, attach importance to career planning and the realization of personal values, provide diversified growth opportunities for employees, help them acquire the knowledge, skills and experience they need to grow, and make them grow together with the company.


Employee Motivation

Set up staff activity room, football game, basketball game, staff travel, sports day, etc.

Virtue is the basis of talent, and we will grow together by making the best use of our talents

The moral standards and heart of the person doing the work are a fundamental to use, and the talent and potential shown in the work are a prerequisite to the virtue and talent.


Like-minded person

A group of like-minded people runs together on the road of ideals, looking back with stories along the way, fighting with firm steps and moving with clear directions.


Inner cultivation

A cultivation rooted in the heart, a consciousness that needs no reminder, a freedom that presupposes restraint, a quality of thinking of others.

Recruitment Position

Sales Representative Discussed personally 2023-10-01 Click to see more
Location of work: Henan Province丨Xuchang City丨Economic and Technological Development Zone - - Department: Jobs Age limitation for work: 1-3 years Educational background: Junior high school Number of people to be recruited: 5-10
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